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Roof structures

Complete construction and renovation of all kinds of roofs:
● Flat roofs with hydroisolation and metal sheet;
● Sloped roofs - wood structure with bitumen, ceramic and metal roof tiles;
● Metal structures;
● Reconstruction of attics into living quarters;

Gutters and Borderings

● Manufacture and installation of seamless sheet metal K-style gutters - galvanized, copper or with a PVC-coating;
● Installation of PVC-gutters;
● Installation of regular sheet metal gutters - galvanized, copper or with a PVC-coating;
● Manufacture and installation of borderings, edgings, chimney flashings and skylights;

Roof windows

Retail of a wide range of roof windows VELUX:
● Flat roof windows;
● Skylights;
● Roof terrace systems;
Professional assistance in selecting the most suitable roof windows.
Installation by highly skilled and experienced workers.

Rental equipment

● Heavy-duty dymond drilling machine Hilti with a diameter range - 50mm-400mm - for coring in concrete without vibrations /through holes for cables; through holes for pipes in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installation/
The equipment is rented with a qualified operator only.


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